Commission Drawings

Terms & Conditions


  • I retain the full copyright of the commissioned artwork.
  • I retain the right to upload the finished artwork in my portfolio and use it to promote my artwork.
  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund the commission for any reason at any time, for example, If the client fails to follow the terms provided or if I am not able to finish the artwork for any unforeseen reason.
  • When commissioning me you agree to all terms presented in the commission info and this terms of service.


You can use the commissioned artwork for personal, non-commercial purposes such as:

  • Print the artwork for your own personal purposes or as a gift.
  • You can post & upload the artwork online to your social media page or any of your websites.
  • Do not remove the artist watermark!
  • You may use the finished commission as a reference for further commission done by other artists. Etc, getting tattoo-ed with the design
  • Social media posting is okay, as long as the usage is personal and you do not use the artwork to promote something you, for example, intend to sell or publish.
  • Non-commercial, private use only:
  • Private use means you are paying for the work & time of the artist (me), but not for the commercial usage rights/license. The copyright of the artwork itself remains with the artist who painted the original artwork.
  • This means that You can’t: Sell or license the artwork, use it for promoting or advertising purposes (social media marketing, for example), re-distribute, alter, claim the artwork your own or gain monetary profit off of the artwork.